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The Devil's House

  • Year : 1963
  • Country of the poster : France
  • Condition : excellent
  • Presentation : folded
  • Director : Robert Wise
  • Poster designer : Roger Soubie
  • Printer : Cinemato
  • Printing process : lithography
  • Signed : yes
  • Smaller ≤ 47 X 63 ≤ 47 X 63"
About 2 inches more on each side for the covering *

1 200 €

Original French poster drawn by Roger Soubie for the horror movie american-British The Devil's House (The Haunting), produced in 1963 by Robert Wise.

The Devil's House (The Haunting) is an American-British film directed by Robert Wise, released in 1963. A classic horror movie served by a masterful direction, it has very few special effects.

For the French release in 1964, Roger Soubie delivered a spectacular poster. The blue, green and purple tones of the whole give the drawing its gloomy atmosphere and announce the paranormal phenomena that envelop the haunted mansion and will terrorize its visitors.

Some of the most famous posters from one of the greatest masters of the genre include : Lolita of Stanley Kubrick, Dusk Boulevard of Billy Wilder, Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments, War of the Worlds, Forbidden Planet, the Corde of Alfred Hitchcock, Gone with the Wind. Classicism and elegance define his compositions which perfectly synthesize the illustrated films.

Original title The Haunting
Year 1963
Country of the film USA & UK
Country of the poster France
Director Robert Wise
Actors and/or actresses Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson, Russ Tamblyn, Fay Compton
Poster designer Roger Soubie
Printer Cinemato
Printing process lithography
Actual size (inches) 120 x 160
Condition excellent
Presentation folded
Signed yes

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