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The Seven Year Itch

  • Year : 1955
  • Country of the poster : France
  • Condition : excellent
  • Presentation : on linen
  • Director : Billy Wilder
  • Poster designer : Boris Grinsson
  • Printer : Paris: E.D.T.
  • Printing process : lithography
  • Signed : yes
  • Smaller ≤ 47 X 63 ≤ 47 X 63"
About 2 inches more on each side for the covering *

7 500 €

Original French poster of the American film The Seven Year Itch, a 1955 American comedy directed by Billy Wilder with Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell.

In 1955, director Billy Wilder shot.. The Seven Year Itch with 20th Century Fox, adaptation of a Broadway hit. The Seven Year Itch", by George Axelrod. The play of boulevard puts in scene a father of New York family, Richard Sherman (interpreted on scene and in the film by Tom Ewell), who, alone during the great holidays, makes the acquaintance of his neighbor: Marilyn Monroe. She is the ultimate fantasy, seductive, naive and spontaneous, a mixture of candor and vulnerability.

If everyone has in mind the mythical scene of the poster where Marilyn Monroe arches herself and tries to hold back the flight of her dress blown by the air vent of the New York subway, she doesn't appear in the film! The moment (which will have required more than 40 takes) is actually filmed in two parts, an American shot and an insert on the actress's legs.

When it came time to choose a visual for the advertising campaign for what would become Fox's biggest success of 1955, Wilder and his team came up with several ideas. The iconic power of the subway mouth scene and the actress were taken for granted.

Boris Grinsson is the author of this poster. The French poster designer of Russian origin will have designed in 30 years more than 2000 posters for the French and foreign cinema circuit, including Men prefer blondes, Hiroshima mon Amour, Good Kisses from Russia, The Birds.....

Original title 7 years of Reflection
Year 1955
Country of the film United States
Country of the poster France
Director Billy Wilder
Actors and/or actresses Marilyn Monroe, Tom Ewell, Evelyn Keyes, Sonny Tufts,
Poster designer Boris Grinsson
Vintage poster original
Printer Paris: E.D.T.
Printing process lithography
Actual size (inches) 120 X 160 cm
Condition excellent
Presentation on linen
Signed yes

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